Our Story

Capitol Centre Market Opened for business in January 1983. The original owners, John and Peg Leemkuil, owned the store until November 2007. They then sold their store to long-time grocer and Madison native Mitch Eveland. Between 2007 and 2017, many changes were made to improve the store. 2017 would prove to be an important year in the history of the store.

During 2017, plans were made to expand the store. Several options were considered, and one was chosen. In the Spring of 2018, the lease for the Dorn Hardware store was not renewed. This nearly 3,000 square feet of space would provide the extra footage to expand Capitol Centre Market. Work began in March 2018. Excavation below the former hardware store would provide space for a new meat cutting room, cooler, and freezer. With the new meat department below grade, the space above became the new home for offices, break room and storage.

In 1983, the original store had a Deli. Once again, a new Deli opened in October 2018. In addition to the Deli, a much larger hot food offering was made possible. A new on-site Sushi Kabar provides the freshest Sushi in the neighborhood. Our fresh Produce department grew by 25%. Significant improvements were made to Dairy, Meat, Frozen and Grocery. Self Checkouts were installed. A new walk-in beer cooler doubled in size from the previous one. Major improvements were made to the infrastructure of the building. New energy efficient heating, cooling, compressors and more replaced older less efficient equipment.

One thing that has remained the same is the local charm of Capitol Centre Market. A new decor package highlights our community pride. We have delivered groceries from our market since Amazon was just a river! Customers love the option of shopping from home and we deliver. When you shop online with us you pay the same prices offered in our store...no additional markup. Another handy option to shop in store, leave your purchases behind, and we will provide FREE DELIVERY.

Since 1983 Capitol Centre Market has served our very special neighborhood. There used to be many stores like ours in Madison. Small, friendly, quirky, locally owned stores. Times change...we are constantly changing to serve our neighborhood better. When you are in the neighborhood, stop by and say hello! We are here to serve you 7 days a week, 7am - Midnight.