Coffee Mate Iced Coffee, French Vanilla, Non Dairy 50 fl oz

Coffee mate French Vanilla Flavored Iced Coffee is a great tasting and refreshing iced coffee experience that is simply beyond compare. Your favorite coffee creamer meets smooth iced coffee in this perfectly crafted ready to drink coffee. Made with medium roast coffee and a sweet French Vanilla flavor, this iced coffee beverage delivers a smooth, rich, delicious iced coffee with a silky vanilla taste. This non dairy cold coffee drink contains 25% less sugar per serving than the leading dairy based iced coffee.* Trade the cafe and drive thru lines for the convenience of pouring a delicious cold coffee drink in your own kitchen. Whether it's your morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up, Coffee mate ready to drink coffee is always ready for you to enjoy over ice with the confidence that your iced coffee ritual will help you show up fully for your day. Coffee mate French vanilla flavored coffee comes in a bottle with a convenient twist off cap for easy pouring and storage. Keep Coffee mate ice coffee refrigerated until you're ready to start your day the right way. Shake this bottled coffee well before using. *21 g compared to 29 g of sugars per serving in dairy-based iced coffee