Gortons Shrimp Bowl, Black Garlic & Whine Risotto

Black garlic & wine risotto. Shrimp risotto paired with mushrooms & a hint of parmesan cheese in a black garlic & wine sauce. Per Serving: 13 g protein; 380 cal; 15 g fat. New! Trusted since 1849. A complete meal! A Smart Choice: Gorton's is committed to providing real, delicious seafood that you can feel good about. Enjoy our wide variety of smarter options that are big on taste and great for your active lifestyle. Tail off shrimp. Black garlic. Parmesan cheese. Real seafood, simple ingredients. www.gortons.com. For meal ideas and special offers, visit gortons.com or facebook.com/gortonsseafood. For more information to visit www.gortons.com/sustainability.