ONE True Instinct Cat Food, Fish, Dry, Adult

Satisfy your cat's instinctive cravings for protein-rich foods with Purina ONE True Instinct Grain Free With Ocean Whitefish Natural adult dry cat food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This high protein dry cat food recipe features real ocean whitefish as the No. 1 ingredient, and 0% fillers means that every high-quality ingredient in this kibble for cats has a purpose. Your cat companion gets the high-protein nutrition she needs as a carnivore in a grain free cat food recipe that delivers the taste she loves. The combination of crunchy bites and tender, meaty morsels in our bagged cat food provides her with textural variety like cats get in nature. Give her a natural cat food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients to help support her lifelong whole body health. You can feel good about serving her a high-quality, dry adult cat food made without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and without poultry by-product meal, when you fill her dish with our Purina ONE True Instinct dry cat food formula.