Rc Soda, Diet 20 Fl Oz

Get ready to flip with the zip when you take that first sip of RC Cola! Known for its quality ingredients, great flavor, and rich history, RC Cola (or Royal Crown Cola) is one of the original colas in the United States and is sold in 67 countries around the world. There’s even a famous song about a particular snack that goes perfectly with an RC Cola if you’re so inclined! It was first created by a pharmacist in Columbus, Georgia in 1905 and like America itself, RC Cola embodies the individuality, entrepreneurial spirit and attitude of those who drink it. While there are other colas out there to choose from, RC Cola has distinguished itself from other brands with its unique, clean taste, its great flavor and its low sodium content. Also available in RC Cola Cherry, it’s sparkling, downright refreshing, and satisfies with every sip! So, whether you want to drink it on its own for its distinctive, delicious flavor or complement your favorite meal or indulgent snack, you can be sure you’re enjoying a true American original. Pick up and enjoy a delicious RC Cola or RC Cola Cherry today and flip with the zip from every sip!