Saratoga Spring Water, Carbonated, Sparkling 28 fl oz

At Saratoga Spring Water, we believe distinction is in the details—a tasteful tablescape, a surprising flavor pairing, a jacket cut just so—meaningful choices curated to complement life’s grand and subtle moments. This appreciation of and dedication to the finer things in life is why Saratoga water bottles are unlike those of other bottled waters. From the understated elegance of our cobalt blue masterpiece to our perfectly balanced, spring-sourced water, Saratoga enriches a well-lived life with passion and provenance you can taste in every sip. Each water bottle contains premium spring water for a noticeably cool and refreshing drink. Born in the foothills of the Adirondacks 150 years ago, the Saratoga brand has become synonymous with quality, carefully crafted sparkling spring water. Served in many fine dining establishments, Saratoga is now available to enjoy at home! Our iconic blue water bottle comes in the premium glass you know and love for a pure, clean taste every time. Enjoy the luxurious feel of Saratoga drinking water at your own dining table, available in either still water or sparkling water options. On busy commutes or holiday travels, bring your favorite Saratoga sparkling water bottle and taste the crispness of premium spring water. So open a bottle, take a sip, and savor the fine sparkling experience. Saratoga—an American classic that’s always in good taste.