Mc Cormick Mayonnaise With Lime Juice 11.6 fl oz

Mexico’s #1 mayonnaise brand, McCormick Mayonesa is a traditional mayonnaise, but with the tangy twist of lime juice. It's a simple way to liven up everything from sandwiches, tacos and salads to dips and dressings. More than just a sandwich spread, Mayonesa is a versatile condiment that adds unique flavor to pasta, potato, tuna or chicken salad, burgers and Mexican favorites like tacos and burritos. It can do everything regular mayo does- but with an extra zing of lime juice. Spread Mayonesa on corn-on-the-cob straight off the grill or use it to prepare a creamy dip to serve with tortilla chips. An authentic product of Mexico, try esquites, a corn salad with Mayonesa, feta or Cotija cheese, green onion, cilantro and garlic.