glee Cucumber Aloe Shave Gel, 7oz

meet joy + glee. we get it, sometimes shaving is a chore and a razor is simply the tool you use to get the job done. plus, shopping for the right razor can feel overwhelming when all you’re looking for is something that works. that’s why we wanted to bring it all back to the essentials and be honest about what shaving really is—body maintenance. we know that nobody really enjoys shaving, so we’re here to help you get a great shave and get it over with. put simply, we have you covered…just not in hair. joy pairs well with glee, not just because they are synonyms, but because they are a razor and a shave gel. with our glee shave gel, experience the luxury of a rich, cucumber aloe–scented shave even if you’re in your not-at-all-cucumber-aloe-scented dorm’s communal shower. to experience glee, distribute shave gel onto wet skin. shave, rinse, and get on to more important things, like finishing a full season of that show you’re super into right now.