Awake Candy Bar, Caffeinated, Chocolate Caramel 1.55 Oz

Caffeine equivalent: 1 bar = 1 cup o' Joe. Consume one piece of Awake and you'll be ready for carrying several books or possibly starting a lawnmower. Two pieces and you're ready for jumping jacks or putting socks on a rooster. Three pieces and you're 3/4 awake - ready to speed walk across town, re-shingle the house, or become a professional two-stepper. Eating four pieces of Awake will have you ready to jog to Alberta, take both the GMAT and LSAT in the same day, or even attempt to break the Guinness Book of World Records for speed-talking (actual state of Awake may vary by height, weight, diet, disposition and willingness to believe). Caffeine Content: 101 mg/1.55 oz bar. Made in Canada.