Sunsweet Plum Smart, Light 48 Oz

Plum juice cocktail from concentrate. Stay fit on the inside. 60% less calories and sugar than original PlumSmart. Good source of fiber. For centuries, cultures around the world have depended on a special prune-plum variety for digestive balance. We call it the amazing plum. It's grown in our Sunsweet orchards, then fresh-pressed into PlumSmart - the crisp delicious, one-of-a-kind juice with time-tested benefits. Trust the wisdom of the ages and prove it to yourself! Enjoy PlumSmart as part of your healthy diet and let us know how great you feel. Get more fiber and stay fit on the inside with PlumSmart made from the amazing plum. 60% Less Calories & Sugar (than original PlumSmart): 8 oz serving - PlumSmart: 160 calories; 36 g carbs; 26 g sugar. 8 oz serving - PlumSmart Light: 60 calories; 15 g carbs; 11 g sugar. 3 g fiber per serving. For recipes and healthy tips visit us online. 35% juice. Gluten free. For Questions or Comments Call: 1-800-417-2253, 9AM - 6PM EST, Mon - Fri. Diabetic Exchange: 1 fruit.