Tapuat Brewing Co. Kombucha, Ginger 14 Fl Oz

Observe, outwit, & persist. Organic green tea and ginger go hand-in-hand to make a perfectly balanced kombucha, great for stoking your internal fire, aiding in assimilation. Embrace your inner fox, ignite passion, trigger creativity, and harness the energetic influence of the fire element to power through change. Unique drinks for conscious consumers. Tapuat is a symbol of concentric, spiraling. Labyrinthine circles. This symbol is the representation of our mother culture, the cycle of life. Rebirth of the spirit, its earthly path, and its return to the spiritual domain. Bubbly & refreshing. Each batch of our living kombucha is made by human hands. Flavor variations are natural and are not an indication of potency. Drink to your health! This kombucha contains millions of living probiotic cultures, evident by floating yeasts and natural effervescence. Due to fermentation, trace amounts of alcohol occur [<.5%].